Sam – AURA

AURA - Sam and his friendsSam arrived in Canada during a blinding snowstorm just before Christmas, 2013. He was greeted by members of his parish sponsorship team who quickly arranged for Sam to trade in his lightweight hoodie and running shoes – the clothes he had on his back when he left his homeland of Eritrea as a refugee – for a warm parka, mitts and boots. His sponsorship was facilitated with the help of AURA – the Anglican United Refugee Alliance. AURA staff were enormously helpful to the parish welcoming committee in submitting their application to become refugee sponsors, planning for Sam’s arrival, and addressing concerns that came up after his arrival in Canada.

Since arriving in Canada, Sam has become a member of his parish family in every sense of the word. He has a full-time job and a girlfriend, and attends parish events whenever he can. He is working to improve his English in order to be successful in business. In the meantime, Sam responded to my questions with the help of a translator. Continue reading “Sam – AURA”

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Elizabeth – PWRDF

Home Visits to  Members of Self-Support GroupMy name is Elizabeth Membreño and I was born in the Mesa Grande Refugee Camps in Honduras. During the Civil War, when I was very little, my family returned to their native lands located in the conflictive zone of Cabañas, El Salvador.

When I was 15 years old, I and some of my friends founded the youth organization called the Asociación Comité Contra El Sida, Cabañas (CoCoSI). There was no HIV education or prevention in our rural communities, and we saw that we had to do it ourselves. At that time there were no educational opportunities. My family did not believe that an education was important for their children. The only alternatives for us youth were to become mothers, housewives and work in the corn and bean fields.

Continue reading “Elizabeth – PWRDF”

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