Parish Forms

FaithWorks gathers together a portion of the “first fruits” from parishes throughout the Diocese to support outreach ministry to those in need. Every parish is encouraged to set a FaithWorks Campaign goal of approximately 5% of its total offertory. Each parish is able to retain 15% of the amount it raises through its FaithWorks parish appeal to support its own outreach ministries.

Parishes contribute over 50% of all the funds raised annually on behalf of FaithWorks Ministry Partners.

Additional Resources

PDF   FaithWorks Speakers Bureau  One of the most important components of a successful FaithWorks campaign is arranging to have a speaker come to your parish or congregation. A gifted, motivating speaker can really demonstrate the essence of the FaithWorks theme: how we care for one another.

Excel   2020 Quarterly Report  Fillable forms for reporting FaithWorks income each quarter (Excel).

PDF   2020 Quarterly Report  Fillable forms for reporting FaithWorks income each quarter.

PDF   2020 Campaign Manual  FaithWorks & Ministry Partners; successful campaign ideas and reporting forms.

FaithWorks Offertory Envelopes

Parishes that encourage monthly donations to FaithWorks consistently rank among the highest in proportional giving. This is because it is easier for most of us to give a small amount each month than to write a big cheque once a year. Even a modest contribution of just $5 a month adds up to $60 a year!

FaithWorks pays the cost of printing and inserting FaithWorks envelopes (one per month) in the offertory boxed sets ordered from your regular envelope provider.

For ordering information, please click on a link below:

Haber Church Envelopes

Post Church Envelopes

This ministry makes a difference in the communities where we live and I am blessed to play a small part in this important service.