Sindy – All Saints Church – Community Centre

Take This Bread Bread (698x800)Sindy is an Inuit whose deep roots are in Nunavut. She is shy but has a lovely smile. She is a regular member of All Saints Church – Community Centre. She is part of Take This Bread‘s team of bakers and looks forward to getting together with the group. Sindy enjoys learning how to bake, making new friends, and getting to know other people. Sindy said that if she wasn’t here she wouldn’t be doing much of anything.

She hopes one day to return to Nunavut to eat some roasted caribou and would like to learn to make bannock just like her mother did, in a pan on top of the stove. At the memory of those cherished traditions, Sindy’s face brightened. She hopes that she will continue to do well in the programs at All Saints and that one day she will be well enough to get a good paying job and be able to look after herself.