Hajar – Flemingdon Park Ministry

Flemingdon Park - Hajar hands (800x450)

When Hajar became a Canadian citizen two years ago, the immigration judge told her that it was her job to help others. She took these words to heart and became a volunteer at Flemingdon Park Ministry. Hajar’s friend, Mary, served as a translator for our conversation. Mary explained that Hajar is learning English, slowly but surely, but still needs help and would very much like to take a conversation course. “I am thankful for all of the help that I receive from the women’s group. I would like to have a conversation class so that my English will get better.” Hajar’s faith in God gives her hope for the future. “I am happy when I am helping people. My God helps me to help the people.” Hajar has a large family here in Canada. Her wish is that they will all be together.