COVID-19 Pandemic

Responses from the Ministry Partners

“We have $19,000 in the bank, because we’ve just finished paying for a new furnace. Unless we receive our FaithWorks money, we won’t even be able to pay staff in April.  We have raised $2,500 in donations over the past week or so, and I’m sure they will continue to come in, but it won’t be enough. I am hoping we will receive $1,440 from the city toward the cost of cleaning.” (30 March 2020)

Rev. Alison Falby, All Saints’ Community Centre, Toronto

“We have had to shutter our social programs because of group/gathering size limitations.” “We are currently working to get individually prepackaged food to our patrons since we have had to close the drop-in.”  “We have had a donation of some take out containers but could definitely use more. We are working alongside the foodbank to get the food to the people who need it most.”  “So, other than a mountain of prayer for everyone, we need gloves, cleaning materials and masks. Michael Garron Hospital [] has a pattern for making suitable masks and even where the material can be found. Any folks who have access to a sewing machine, and want to lend a hand, mask making would be amazing. If we get an abundance, extras will go to the foodbank,” (29 March 2020)

Rev. Beverley Williams, Flemingdon Park Ministry, Toronto

“Lots of prayer because we are an Indigenous Chaplaincy in an urbanized downtown core setting while practising social distancing in the frontlines of Toronto while engaging our Christian mission for serving the vulnerable and marginalized population while in the background as a nonessential service.”  “we are in desperate need of supplies: 3 units of Digital Noncontact Infrared Thermometers”, “Care Package Supplies: Medium and small size Ziplock bags, Soap bars, Nitrile – Latex-free disposable Painter Gloves, volunteer sewers/sewists to make fabric face masks”. (29 March 2020)

Sandra Campbell, Toronto Urban Native Ministry

“Our needs are changing daily.  I am currently working on the meal schedule that is providing all of the meals for our 2 staff and 14 residents at the hotel and our 50-60 people we are providing bagged lunches for out front of the Lighthouse from Monday to Friday.  We have additional costs such as PPE items, food and container items and staffing.  We have been requested by the County of Simcoe to try to open more beds which means more hotel rooms and more staffing to accommodate this request.  Some funding will come from the County and hopefully some from the City of Orillia, but we know we will need to apply for more funding from other sources to meet our expenses at this unprecedented time.”

“We have been very blessed to have St. James’ support through a regular Sunday dinner delivered hot to our hotel for the 16 meals until this situation is over and St. Athanasius has donated several hundreds of dollars in grocery cards to purchase what we need for our sandwich lunches to the community.  Our faith community as a whole have been very supportive so we are very thankful for that, but they do not have a lot of funds and cannot send our usual volunteers currently either.” (27 March 2020)

Lynn Thomas, Orillia Christian Centre, Orillia

“Samaritan House continues to support our clients during the Covid-19 crisis by continually supporting our clients with programming and supports. However we are doing as much of this through online communication, emails and Skype and telephone calls.  Our physical visits are now limited but necessary as emotional support during this time has increased greatly.  Samaritan House has had to cancel a fundraiser and we will not be receiving housing fees from many of our clients for at least this month making cash flow a concern.  One of the biggest concerns for our clients is the need for groceries and purchase of personal and cleaning supplies as the are unable to get to the food bank and many have lost their income and have zero savings or credit to access. This is causing much stress for our clients in an already stressful time.  If you could include a need for financial donations or grocery card/Walmart gift cards that we can provide our clients during this time that would be wonderful. Samaritan House cannot tell you how much we appreciate FaithWorks continued support. Thank you and stay well.” (29 March 2020)

Kerry Ploughman, Samaritan House Community Ministries, Barrie

“We hand out food, personal care items etc. at the door to ensure that those sleeping rough have what they need. We have also had a port-a-potty installed at the back of our property to ensure that our clients have access to a washroom when we are not open as their options have dwindled in Newmarket and York Region in general.  We’ve also had to reduce our shelter numbers from 36 to 31 to put 2 meters distance between every bed.  Our programming … [has] been suspended, as have all visits from outside organizations … This is breaking my heart. I have people asking everyday to do yoga as they say it helps them with their medication” (31 March 2020)

Ann Watson, Inn from the Cold, Newmarket


This year’s campaign is a very special effort as a generous donor has offered a $100,000 matching challenge grant for all new and increased donations.  That means for every dollar raised by your parish over last year’s amount, FaithWorks received an extra dollar.  Parishes are encouraged to make a special effort this year.  Host a special event, set a goal, promote the campaign widely – do something a little different to make a huge difference.


The Diocese of Toronto’s annual FaithWorks Campaign successfully raised $1,311,000 in support of Anglican-affiliated ministries throughout the Diocese and around the world.

Donations from the parishes in 2019 amounted to $716,136, a 6 per cent increase over 2018. This represents the highest parish giving result in five years.  Of the 156 parishes that participated in the 2019 appeal, 75 increased their giving.  Parishes were able to keep $80,008 to support their own outreach ministries within their local community. The parish campaign also made $35,807 available for Area Ministry Grants.

Thank you to our Corporate Donors who contributed $259,300 to FaithWorks. Your generosity makes it possible to improve the lives of thousands of individuals and families.

See The Anglican, May 2020 (attached) for more details.