FaithLines – Past Newsletters

2024 Feb 29 – Leap Day! Give an extra gift on this extra day.

2024 Feb 22 – FaithWorks 2024 gets personal

2024 Feb 14 – Let FaithWorks be part of your Lenten journey

2024 Feb 1 – 2024 FW materials mailed!

2024 Jan 25 – 99% of goal raised in 2023

2023 Dec 21 – Last days to help us reach our goals!

2023 Dec 14 – Dec.17 FW Christmas Concert at Holy Trinity, Guildwood + Another 32% increase in use of services

2023 Dec 7 – Another 32% increase in use of services + North House in north Durham

2023 Nov 28 – Please remember FaithWorks on this Giving Tuesday!

2023 Nov 23 – Nov. 29 is Bishop’s Company Cabaret – This Sunday is FaithWorks Sunday

2023 Nov 15 – Nov. 26 is FaithWorks Sunday – $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant update

2023 Nov 9 – Nov. 26 is FaithWorks Sunday – Flemingdon Park Ministry update

2023 Nov 2 – Nov. 26 is FaithWorks Sunday – $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2023 Oct 26 – St. Christopher’s parish raises $38,376 for FaithWorks

2023 Oct 11 – Joy of Thanksgiving – AURA: The Power of Refugee Sponsorship

2023 Sept 28 – PWRDF & $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2023 Sept 14 – All Saints CCC – The Art of Community

2023 June 21 – Congratulations to St. Dunstan of Canterbury’s and St. Martin in-the-Field’s parishes.

2023 June 7 – Homelessness in York Region. Inn from the Cold.

2023 May 24 – A visit to A Place Called Home in Lindsay

2023 May 10 – St. Martin in-the-Fields Campaign and Walk-a-thon on the Toronto Islands

2023 Apr 26 – Thank you to St. Barnabas, Chester

2023 Apr 12 – Alleluia! Christ is risen!

2023 Apr 5 – Let us love one another

2023 Mar 29 – Welcome back to the Migrant Workers

2023 Mar 22 – Students find a home at The Dam in Mississauga

2023 Mar 8 – Thank you to our Corporate and Foundation Donors

2023 Mar 1 – Samaritan House helps the Kennedy family

2023 Feb 22 – Let FaithWorks be part of your Lent

2023 Feb 15 – 2023 Campaign Materials mailed to Parishes

2023 Feb 1 – 2022 Campaign Results

2023 Jan 18 – Generosity is the best way of becoming more, more and more joyful – Philip Aziz Centre

2022 Dec 28 – Last chance to help in 2022.

2022 Dec 21 – A season for giving. $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant met.

2022 Dec 14 – Tragic fire at All Saints CCC – The Dam has record youth participation.

2022 Dec 7 – 35% increase in need. 80% of Matching Challenge Grant attained.

2022 Nov 29 – Giving Tuesday. 35% inflation hits FaithWorks

2022 Nov 23 – 60% of $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant attained, Year-end countdown

2022 Nov 16 – FaithWorks Sunday – A visit to One City Peterborough

2022 Nov 2 – A Prayer for FaithWorks Sunday, $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2022 Oct 19 – FaithWorks Sunday, $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2022 Oct 11 – Bishop’s Company Cabaret

2022 Oct 5 – Happy Thanksgiving, A Place Called Home

2022 Sept 28 – Why FaithWorks – Benefits for Parishes, St. Christopher’s and All Saints’, Markham hold ping pong tournaments

2022 Sept 21 – Why FaithWorks – Benefits for Donors, $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2022 Sept 7 – Why FaithWorks – Benefits for Ministry Partners, Update from One Roof Community Centre

2022 July 20 – Ukraine relief update from PWRDF – continued

2022 July 6 – Ukraine relief update from PWRDF

2022 June 22 – Toronto Urban Native Ministry: pt. 2

2022 June 15 – Toronto Urban Native Ministry: pt. 1

2022 June 9 – Thanks from Migrant Workers Ministry

2022 May 25 – Bob’s story at Orillia Christian Centre ‘The Lighthouse’

2022 May 11 – May 15 is Refugee Sunday

2022 Apr 27 – Support the Spirit Garden

2022 Apr 20 – Life is Resilient!

2022 Apr 13 – When tears are not enough

2022 Apr 6 – The Gates of Jerusalem

2022 Mar 30 – – Your resource centre for FaithWorks

2022 Mar 23 – Welcome A Place Called Home

2022 Mar 16 – Welcome Migrant Workers Ministry

2022 Mar 9 – The Dam: Evon and the class of 2025

2022 Mar 2 – Lent – Parish campaign begins – Help in Ukraine

2022 Feb 15 – Thank you Corporate & Foundation Donors

2022 Feb 2 – 2021 Campaign Results – “Amazing”

2022 Jan 19 – Generosity and Abundance call us …

2021 December 29 – Last Chance in 2021

2021 December 22 – Merry Christmas

2021 December 15 – $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant Attained

2021 December 8 – $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant Update

2021 November 30 – Couchiching Jubilee House – Zoie

2021 November 17 – FaithWorks in Haiti with PWRDF

2021 November 10 – St. Christopher’s Ping Pong Relay

2021 October 27 – “Did I tell you my 21-year old (HIV) client died of cancer?”

2021 October 6 – $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant

2021 September 22 – 100 + 1% Challenge

2021 September 8 – New Videos

2021 June 30 – Flemingdon Park Ministry

2021 June 16 – It was a great party!

2021 May 26 – Invitation, Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care

2021 May 19 – Invitation, Congratulations from PWRDF

2021 May 12 – Invitation, Looking back

2021 May 4 – Invitation

2021 April 28 – Invitation, Congratulations from The Dam

2021 April 14 – Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

2021 March 31 – Psalm 31, Marvin’s Story

2021 March 17 – Corporate and Foundation Donors

2021 March 10 – Matching Challenge Grant

2021 March 3 – FaithWorks mission, 2021 theme

2021 February 24 – 100 + 1% Challenge

2021 February 17 – Ash Wednesday

2021 February 3 – Looking Forward, Looking Back

2021 January 20 – 2020 goal surpassed

2021 January 6 – Epiphany

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Philip Aziz Centre

Client B sits in a wheelchair looking at the fish swimming in the large Aquarium as sunlight shines down into the water

Client B’s story

Faces and Stories of Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care: Program for Clients with HIV/AIDS or who are HIV-impacted

Privacy is sacred for HIV positive persons.  For this vulnerable population, who risk stigma, social isolation and other discriminatory responses that can impact their families, work, church/faith-based, community, living, and healthcare environments, we cannot share their ‘faces’ unfortunately.  However, we can share their stories.

PAC Client with HIV at Aquarium with a Hospice Volunteer

People living with HIV/AIDS are living longer, experiencing new complications of multiple, simultaneous chronic diseases, and may be isolated due to limited mobility.  These conditions compound the challenges of financial, housing and food insecurity.  Our Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care (PAC): Program for Clients with HIV/AIDS or who are HIV-impacted brings practical supports, companionship, encouragement and a safe space to discuss what’s on a client’s mind, through Case Managers, Spiritual Care and Bereavement Counsellors, and specially trained volunteers.

We received this great photo and note from one of our hospice volunteers who took her aging, wheelchair bound, HIV client on a day trip to the local aquarium:

“I just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you from my client!  We had the best time today, and he said he was so incredibly grateful that PAC was able to make that happen for him.  He was very emotional about it, saying it made his last birthday the best one!!  So, THANK YOU! I’ve attached a picture of him loving the tank!  He couldn’t look away!”

One City Peterborough

Mary: “My job is cleaning the City of Peterborough. I love it, it gets me out in the fresh air and gets me exercise. I get feedback from people that we’re doing a great job and to keep up the great work. I’d like to keep cleaning, and expanding to other areas of the city, and in the winter.” (16 October 2020)

Kimmie: “The job gets me outdoors and I have fun and laugh. I love Jenny because she’s a great boss. It’s been nice to have a little extra money that is all mine. It had been a long time since I had worked. This makes me want to keep working. I’m glad to clean up this city.” (16 October 2020)



North House

North House is a not-for-profit charitable organization who supports the North Durham townships of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge through their mission of providing a spectrum of housing supports for those who are at risk or in crisis in North Durham. Established in 2004, North House has been assisting the low-income residents of the community as well as the most vulnerable who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

In March, the world was turned upside down. 2.6 billion people in our world went into self-isolation. The impact on us is immeasurable and involves the loss of so many things. COVID-19 has greatly affected the day-to-day lives of our community, but more specifically, the most vulnerable individuals are facing greater barriers. As we continue to maneuver through the daily changes during this pandemic, we worry about our seniors and our homeless. We are all trying to do what we can to keep them safe and free from the feeling of desperate isolation.

North House has always focused on housing, but in response to COVID-19, North House felt the need to make a slight shift in order to help meet the needs of our community. North House outreach staff prioritized both their senior and homeless clients, past and present to ensure their safety and to help to alleviate anxiety and isolation where they can. Completing over 133 wellness check-in calls during March staff identified the gaps in services within Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge townships.

Individuals contacted indicated that food insecurity is their biggest concern. Access to food has been an obstacle to many due to transportation restrictions, health-risks, lack of funds and mobility concerns. Accessing a food bank has been a challenge as many individuals have restricted mobility or those with chronic illnesses are at greater risk if they access a public space during the pandemic.

As a result, North House has been delivering healthy food boxes weekly to those seniors who need it. Weekly, on Fridays, the North House outreach team travels throughout North Durham delivering food, checking in and staying connected to the community.

North House has had the opportunity to work with several individuals who were either unsheltered or were living in inadequate conditions and help them apply and move into a new building in Cannington. Some of these individuals have been unsheltered for several years and have had no place to call their own in a very long time.

Once the apartments were secured, North House, through their Community Share Initiative, put out a call to the community for gently used items to help fill the apartments. The community came together in true “North Durham” style, donating several large items such as beds, couches, dressers and tables. With the support of partnerships with local Lions clubs and churches, people volunteered to help pick-up and move the items into the building. With the help of this great community, our newly housed neighbours have somewhere to call home.



Inn From the Cold

Marvin’s Story

Marvin Heller proves that perseverance and believing in yourself gets results.

He was homeless since late 2019.  At that time, he was picked up by police on a 20-year-old warrant for a minor offence.  Marvin was transferred from Collingwood where he had been working and living on a farm for close to five years, to Newmarket where he sat in custody for several days before appearing before a judge and being released. Although on good terms with his employer, during his time in Newmarket, Marvin had been replaced at work. He received this news at the Newmarket Bus Terminal where he was awaiting a bus back to Collingwood. Marvin was devastated. With no where to go, limited cash, and in a town he didn’t know, he felt completely alone.

A man approached Marvin and asked him if he needed any help. He suggested that Marvin stop by Inn From the Cold to see if they could assist in any way. Marvin describes his first few weeks at Inn From the Cold in early 2020 as “a total shock to my system.” He defines himself as a country man, having worked on farms and doing carpentry for his entire life. Being in Newmarket and surrounded by so many people made settling in difficult. However, with time and according to Marvin, the “lovely and helpful staff”, he was able to start moving forward. He made an application to receive Ontario Works for income support.  He also did an intake with LOFT, including a streamlined access application for housing. Marvin broadened his network and began working closely with a York Region Diversion Worker and re-started medical appointments for knee replacement surgery. His knee injury was the result of a farm accident several years earlier. He joined Inn From the Cold’s Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ By World Program where he learned that others had experienced similar life events that had left them homeless too. Just talking about his experience and putting it into broader perspective encouraged him to keep moving ahead.

When Inn From the Cold’s seasonal shelter was about to close, Marvin went to Kingsbridge Transitional Shelter where he was tested for Covid-19 and placed in isolation to await his test results and be ready if a housing offer came his way. Towards the end of his stay at Kingsbridge, LOFT offered Marvin housing through their Mental Health and Justice Program. He was ecstatic and moved in to his “incredibly beautiful new home” in mid-June.

Marvin continues to visit Inn From the Cold’s Drop-By program regularly, staying connected and continuing to work on his road map to Getting Ahead. When we asked him recently, “What can we do to help you move forward”, he answered, “How can I help Inn From the Cold?” This gracious and kind man is laser focused on his knee surgery, getting back to work, and giving back to the organizations and community that helped him to get ahead!