Philip Aziz Centre

Client B sits in a wheelchair looking at the fish swimming in the large Aquarium as sunlight shines down into the water

Client B’s story

Faces and Stories of Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care: Program for Clients with HIV/AIDS or who are HIV-impacted

Privacy is sacred for HIV positive persons.  For this vulnerable population, who risk stigma, social isolation and other discriminatory responses that can impact their families, work, church/faith-based, community, living, and healthcare environments, we cannot share their ‘faces’ unfortunately.  However, we can share their stories.

PAC Client with HIV at Aquarium with a Hospice Volunteer

People living with HIV/AIDS are living longer, experiencing new complications of multiple, simultaneous chronic diseases, and may be isolated due to limited mobility.  These conditions compound the challenges of financial, housing and food insecurity.  Our Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care (PAC): Program for Clients with HIV/AIDS or who are HIV-impacted brings practical supports, companionship, encouragement and a safe space to discuss what’s on a client’s mind, through Case Managers, Spiritual Care and Bereavement Counsellors, and specially trained volunteers.

We received this great photo and note from one of our hospice volunteers who took her aging, wheelchair bound, HIV client on a day trip to the local aquarium:

“I just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you from my client!  We had the best time today, and he said he was so incredibly grateful that PAC was able to make that happen for him.  He was very emotional about it, saying it made his last birthday the best one!!  So, THANK YOU! I’ve attached a picture of him loving the tank!  He couldn’t look away!”