Samaritan House, Barrie, ON

The Kennedy Family’s Story by Kerry Ploughman, Executive Director

Samaritan House is dedicated to helping women and children stabilize their lives after experiencing abusive situations. Unlike a shelter, we provide longer term, move in ready housing with program work and supports to help families recover from their trauma and learn how to recognize and avoid these types of situations in the future. We also work on safety plans, goal setting, planning, life skills, job search and prep., and/or further education. All of this is unique to each clients needs and long-term goals. Once they are ready to leave our housing, which is usually 9 – 18 months later, we work to secure permanent housing for them and their family. None of this can be done without the generous donations that help us run our housing and programs. 

I have included a letter from a client who recently moved from our housing into permanent housing. This client stayed approx. 3 years as it was extended due to covid. Here is the letter we received from her.

“I have had the privilege of being a resident in one of the Samaritan House transitional homes. They were able to provide myself and three children fully furnished accommodations. I was out of the woman’s shelter having stayed my allotted time there due to a very unsafe living situation and toxic relationship. It was an amazing! They had all the basic set up that anyone would need to get by when having to restart with nothing. It provided a huge relief of the burden that was ahead when it seemed like I was going to be homeless and lose my children. I will never be able to repay the kindness and understanding of my situation that they offered as well as extra supports. They assisted with Christmas and groceries as needed. Throughout the pandemic I was provided cleaning supplies. My children and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the support and help you have provided to our family while we awaited our long-term housing.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless all those who have helped support this amazing program.

Sincerely the Kennedy family ❤️

It is always wonderful to see family move on with the tools they need to go forward. These types of letters would not be possible without the support given to Samaritan House. We cannot thank Faithworks enough for the continued support of Samaritan House over the years. Our agency is not large, our numbers are not large, however the work we do ensures permanent stability once our client leave our program. Our clients do not recycle through the system. They leave to jobs, further education, permanent housing, with the knowledge of how to live in a healthy relationship and the skillsets to live self-sufficiently.

Thank you Faithworks for your part in our clients’ lives.