Amber’s story – One Roof Community Centre, Peterborough

“I am homeless and there is not enough money in the month from OW, Ontario Works, to pay for all my meals to get me through the month. I come here to eat.”

“I was abused in my previous relationship. I was on an emotional, like I left work, for emotional and mental reasons. Then I just decided to quit because it just got too much for me. You have to go through everything and still put a smile on your face every day at work. It was hard.”

“My townhouse got flooded, so I lost my housing. I left Windsor, where I’m from, after that. I came here [Peterborough]. It’s been really tough to try to find a stable place to live.”

[I live] “in a tent. I’m on Parkhill. It is better [than in the shelter] ‘cause you have your space. No one is there to tell you to turn your music down or that you’re a bother to them. You don’t have to take your tent down every day. My backpack is usually really heavy. Usually, I do have six bags on me.”

“During the winter, I’m not sure. I might have to go into a shelter, I guess. It’s not really ideal, but it’s somewhere safe and warm, I guess.”