Nadia – Flemingdon Park Ministry

Flemingdon Park - Nadia hands (450x800)Nadia moved to Canada from her native Iran sixteen years ago. As a stay-at-home mom, Nadia’s days were busy and that helped to ease some of the loneliness that she felt being separated from her parents and brothers back home. Now that her two daughters grown, Nadia decided it was time to get a work. But with no Canadian work experience, she had no idea where to begin. That’s where Flemingdon Park Ministry and its STAR (Skills Training, Access and Resources) program came in. She has been learning new skills and building her resume through volunteer work at the ministry. Helping others gives Nadia great joy.

She told me, “God is helping everybody. I know he is watching me and helping me to help others.”Nadia is hopeful for the future. “My faith gives me courage. My kids give me hope. They attend French school and I am grateful that this will help them to have a better life.” Nadia was finally reunited with her parents and her brothers two years ago when the family immigrated to Canada. Her New Year wish is for “health and happiness, to have my family around me, and to enjoy our time together.”